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May 03, 2024
Author : Katie Crawford

A thesis statement is the exemplary statement of your whole writing piece. It should be reflective of your proposition about the topic of your thesis. The purpose of the statement is to provide a strong narrative and/or argument on the topic in-hand. The question you raise in your thesis should be answerable by you in the thesis. But how you will be providing the answer to your question will be explained later. That later answer will bring a statement which will be used to bring strong conclusions.

The importance of a thesis’s statement is immense and it can be understood with different thesis statement examples. The statement of your thesis should reflect the topic and your particular narrative drawn in the main body. Not only does it provide an outline of your topic, but it also reveals a different view of the explanation and/or argument. Readers develop a definitive perspective and a clear understanding of the idea presented in the topic of your thesis. So, how can you write a good statement, and why does it matter in the first place?

Thesis Statement

What Is A Thesis Statement?

A statement of reflective ideas is presented to present a clear idea and perspective on the topic of your thesis. This is what we call a “thesis statement,” which holds great value for your thesis. It is a concise statement that summarises the main idea of your thesis’s topic. The statement is specifically written to show a particular narrative or argument to the reader. Thesis’s statement serves as a dominant idea of your thesis. It also provides a direction for your readers to let them know and understand your thesis and what expectations you are trying to share with them.

A good thesis always consists of a good thesis statement, which provides a little more weight to your writing piece. How to write a good thesis statement? Here is an example of a film’s impact on our society - “Films hold influence on the society, and it impacts the mind and life of the people, but what impact it is and how much influence it has, depends on the subject, relevance of the subject and the target audience.” This is just an example and does not necessarily reflect a definitive idea of any kind of thesis. Let us explain to you in more detail.

How To Write A Thesis Statement?

Creating and writing a thesis statement requires some basic knowledge of your subject. And it follows up to the main steps that you include in your thesis writing. The kind of idea that you are proposing in your thesis’s statement almost always summarises the entire topic in one single sentence. But it does not mean that the other elements of your thesis are futile. The thesis is made up of all those different elements of your thesis that we are going to talk about in a while.

Topic Selection

Before we head right into seeing some thesis statement examples, we must ensure that we have come up with some examples of topics. This is the first and foremost part of the thesis and leads it up to a statement. Choose a topic that you are passionate about and create an idea around it. If the topic is assigned by your university, then you can just move ahead to the next step. Some examples can be junk food’s impact on health, the impact of AI on society, etc.

Research Work

Dive deeper into the topic and gather some information from different sources. Online assignment help also provides you with the resources required to start your research. A comprehensive understanding of the topic that you are going to write about will help you. It can be any form of source for your research and the particular piece of information. Article, video, audiobook, podcast and any other form of information source.

Come To A Conclusion

Coming to a conclusion is said in a context that you must think about the topic and come up with a central idea. Make up your mind about the topic’s central idea and the kind of narrative and/or argument you are focusing on. A thesis statement will be dependent upon what you do in this step. Whether it is going to be an argument or a simple narrative will depend on your topic. Before you begin writing your thesis, jot down some ideas and pick one.

Write The Whole Piece

Begin writing your thesis on the topic and focusing on the central idea you decided to reflect in your statement. A thesis statement is incomplete without a proper introduction of your thesis. Provide a brief introduction and background information on your topic and move forward to your main body. You can keep some thesis statement examples of your topic in advance. Your main information will begin to reflect the central idea you decided on. Write it in a way that brings an argument or a question to your reader’s mind, which will be later answered separately. When you have provided an answer to the readers with evidence and reasoning, write the statement.

Choosing The Right Thesis Statement

How are you going to present your argument and views about the topic? Have you structured the formation of your argument in that single sentence? Or it can be possible that it is not an argument at all; it might be a narrative or an explanation. There are types of thesis statements that uniquely fulfil a purpose of their own that is particular to their nature. These different types include:

Argumentative Thesis Statement

This kind of statement talks about a particular argument and often stands on its own view which might be controversial but is always one-sided. The example can be about legalisation of marijuana going like - “social and economic benefits will rise following the legalisation of marijuana”.

Analytical Thesis Statement

As the name suggests, this kind of thesis statement brings an analytical point of view to the main idea proposed. It does not give an argument but provides an explanation with logic and reasoning. An example can be - “in the novel “The Great Gatsby”, the use of symbolism highlights the illusion of the American Dream”.

Expository Thesis Statement

Are you able to understand the basics of how to write a good thesis statement? Let us provide you with another example in this particular type of statement. This type neither argues nor analyse, but it provides explanation to a particular theme or subject. The example is - “the process of photosynthesis is crucial to the plants on this planet”.

Narrative Thesis Statement

A narrative thesis’s statement is a justification provided about a main idea with your experience. It provides a summary of the main idea expressed in a narrative with typical storytelling format. The example for the narrative thesis statement is - “my experience in cooking taught me that it requires certain skill sets and basic understanding of the chemistry between different things”.

Contrast Thesis Statement

This type focuses on the comparison and contrast between two different subjects, typically totally opposite to each other. However, it can consist of objects that draw similarities and differences in the study. An example can be - “both tea and coffee are found to have caffeine, but the amount of caffeine that coffee has is in much larger quantities than tea”.

Why Is A Thesis Statement So Crucial In Thesis?

A good thesis’s statement clarifies the reader about the main idea of the topic. It brings the reader to a more clear understanding of the topic. The statement also provides the writer with clarity on what direction the information is supposed to be presented. This primary emphasis is on the purpose of a statement in a thesis because it provides a clear perspective and is important to the readers of that thesis. To make sure that the thesis includes all the right elements and is presentable to the reader, sign up for the thesis writing services. Our team of academic experts will provide you with a proper presentation of your thesis. We will also help you to proofread and edit your paper accordingly. Register now!

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