Research Proposal Writing Guide

Tips on Writing Techniques & Appearance of Proposal

In this Guide Book

  • What are the steps of the scientific method?

  • Identifying Sources of Research Funding

  • General Components of a Research Proposal

  • Tips on Writing Techniques and Appearance of Proposal

Student’s Handbook for Writing Research Proposals

Writing a research proposal may be exciting, but it also becomes daunting as you are faced with the need to manage the entire process, navigate your way through the specific components, form research questions, collect data and analyse it. You might be wondering, “How will I manage all that?” Believe us; the answer is - one step at a time.

We have designed this handbook specifically to help students through every step of their research process complete their research and acquire funding to support their proposal. This all-in-one resource includes guidelines and suggestions that can assist you in developing, preparing and submitting your research proposal to a university or an organization. Whether you are struggling with conceptual development or lacking the necessary academic writing skills, this handbook will allow you to compile a concise and focused research proposal. We have also included various examples, samples, and tips on working with complex components.

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